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Hello! Also, What?!?


Okay, so I know an entire page to cooking and food on Deeply Dapper seems a bit odd, but the simple fact is that Deeply Dapper is pretty much just my wife and my interests that we've turned into product and books and in addition to writing, podcasting and drawing, I also really love cooking, sampling new and unusual foods and entertaining. I used to cook regularly for my family growing up and these days I do almost all of the cooking in the house and I'm usually responsible for our assorted forays into new restaurant territory too. On our old blog, the ROUS Motel, food was a big part of the site and I decided to bring it back here. 

So on this page of the site, you can find a whole kitchen of things eventually - food reviews, recipe tests, videos, family recipes and party pictures... anything that happens when I'm not holding a pen, basically. 

I hope people will find this blog entertaining, I know it's a bit of a different beast than the rest of the site, but hey - If Vincent Price can have multiple cookbooks and love entertaining and cooking, then Deeply Dapper can try to do the same in an albeit less dashing fashion. 

Holiday Wassail Recipe - Slow Cooker Variations