Con Appearance and Panel - Wizard World Portland

Hey creeps! My first con of the 2017 tour is approaching - you can find me in the artist alley at WIZARD WORLD PORTLAND February 17-19! They don't have a fully confirmed table layout yet, but I'll post that as soon as they do. You can also join me for a panel on Friday -


From Cthulhu to Yog-Sothoth, from Dagon to the Elder Race. the work of H.P. Lovecraft and his circle wrote about, swapped, and adapted one another's inhuman creations. What were the best? The silliest? The scariest? Audience participation welcome!

Which should be a blast! I'll be on there with a few other artists and authors, like the incomparable Sean Hoade! 

After Wizard World my next confirmed stop will be SaltCon in Layton, Utah - a 4 day board game con that is always fun.

Show Update and APPEARANCE!

Hey creeps! Sorry about the lateness of the episode - I had a perfect storm of a late recording day, my kickstarter awards arriving and needing shipped, our sales finally picking up a bit on the shop and prep for an upcoming show all hit this week and things have been crazy. Your timestamps update will post... hopefully before the next episode drops.... which will hopefully be on the usual Wednesday release schedule. 

Unrelated - come out this weekend and see me at the Salt Palace in Salt Lake City at the Family Christmas Festival Friday and Saturday! I'll be at table 209 & 210 selling my usual assortment of awesomeness, as well as limited amounts of our Kickstarter reward overruns!