CHOOSE ANY FOUR Geeky Soaps from Deeply Dapper and Save

CHOOSE ANY FOUR Geeky Soaps from Deeply Dapper and Save



Choose any four of our Strange and Wondrous Soaps and save a dollar a bar! Perfect for birthdays, stocking stuffers, wedding gifts, housewarming parties and more! Four approx. 3oz bar of handmade, custom designed soap - vegetarian friendly, mild goat's milk soap with strange and wonderful fragrances and no artificial coloring.

The list below include brief descriptions of the scent, for the full description check out the individual listings here or the rest on


221b [cucumber, tweed, tobacco and woods]

Abominable [icy mountain woods]

A Soap Of Ice And Fire [cinnamon, smoke & mint]

Autumn Leaves [fall leaves and spices]

Bacon [smoky cooked bacon]


Blue Milk [bantha milk]

Brass and Lace [vanilla honey and chai]

Budget Tapes And Records [used record store]

Cake is a Lie [carrot cake and frosting]

Camp Crystal Lake [old wood cabins and wet lake]

Candy Hearts [sweet and tart valentine candy]

Cheesy Movie [cheese popcorn]

Clean Me Up, Scotty [Old fashioned – ivy and mint]

Corset Cleanser [strawberry, egyptian musk, rose]

Creeper Clean [green apple & gunpowder]

Cthulhu [a green scent]

Damn Fine Coffee [coffee and a hint of mocha]

Our dice soaps all have actual dice embedded inside the soap:

DICE SOAP-Area of Effect [spiced plum and honey]

DICE SOAP-Bar Of Cleaning [milk and honey]

DICE SOAP-CHA (Charisma) [charming clean scent]

DICE SOAP-Cure Light Wounds [old fashioned ointment]

DICE SOAP-Critical Hit [white chocolate and musk]

DICE SOAP-Grognard Scrub [vanilla musk]

Doctor Who [Dr. Pepper]

Dreams [lavender vanilla martini]

Dude [white Russian]

Enigmatic [warm summer woods and greenery]

Everything’s Shiny [sweet strawberries and leather]

Fire Flower [orange blossom and chili pepper]

Forever [peachy grass and spice]

Gamer Fuel [Mt. Dew]

Gear Grease [dark oil and honey]

Groovy [old cabin in the woods]

GrossBusters [big apple and marshmallow]

Gruss Vom Krampus [Woods, Herbs and holiday spices]

Our house soaps are based on where the house’s common rooms are in the castle of a certain famous wizarding school.

HP House Soaps - Wisdom [in the tower – airy and cool, floral hints]

HP House Soaps – Ambition [in the basement – cool and green]

HP House Soaps – Bravery [warm and cozy, fruits and spices]

HP House Soaps – Loyalty [by the kitchens – popcorn, honey, cotton candy]

Hero [fruits and sweet pine]

I Love Me Some Pie [Strawberry Rhubarb Pie]

INFATUATE! [rose based with sweet alien scents]

Kraken's Old Fashioned Root Beer

Live Deliciously [sage, elderberries & butter]

Make It Soap [Earl Grey tea with actual tea in the bar]

Mostly Dead [chocolate surrounding herbal bases]

Mustache [a 1920’s barber shop]

Nargle Repellent [mistletoe plum]

Necronomicon [old books bound in leather]

Never Nude [freshly showered blue jeans]

Never Say Die [Sunken Pirate ship and Washington woods]

Nuka Cola [old school soda shop cola]

Obsidian [Momoa tribute - Tropical fruit and dark musk]

Peachy [Princess approved fresh peach]

Red Shirt [an alien mix of fruits and spices]

Romulan Ale [sparkling anise liquor with vanilla]

Seasonal - Candy Cane

Shiver [a Transylvanian blend of Cherry, Almond, Amaretto and leather]

Sleeveless [Manly zombie fighter scented]

Something Strange [Pumpkins in a graveyard]

Sorting Hat [tart lemon candy]

Vampire Repellent [garlic – STRONG!]

WASH [blood orange and spice]

Wash Your Hans [Roguish spices and coconut]


What’s This? [Christmas in a haunted house]

White Washers [mint, menthol, vanilla, spearmint]

You Have Died Of Dysentery [Oregon Trail]

Zombie [dirt, rain and a hint of flesh]

Please send us a message with your choices.

As seen at comic cons across the United States - these are the original Geeky Scents from DEEPLY DAPPER!

Approx. 3oz bar of handmade, custom designed soap. All of our soaps are made with goat milk and designed to be moisturizing with a good lather. Special attention is paid to the scent of the soap - we are dedicated to bringing you a scent experience with every bar.

New for 2018 our scents are also available as high quality wax melter cubes!

They are packaged in a plastic clamshell with the art on the front and are great for traveling, gifts and special inserts in stockings baskets and present exchanges!

All large orders are sent via Priority Mail. If you are ordering more than eight bars, please contact us for a custom listing to save on shipping costs!

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